Designing in the Negative Space: An Educational Series

November 13, 2015

Power density is a critical aspect that challenges engineers in all industries. GE’s Critical Power business provides mission-critical applications with end-to-end power solutions specifically designed to maximize uptime while improving energy efficiency.

It is our belief that with great imagination comes transformative solutions. Our long history shows that we are committed to innovation and creating practical answers that not only overcome limitations, but unlocks doors to a new reality. We worry about the future today so you’re not stuck in the past tomorrow.

Through discussion with our customers, we have targeted 5 key obstacles that impede the growth of technological capabilities and hamper their freedom of design:

• Mechanical/Thermal Restrictions
• Feature Limitations
• Transient Performance Shortcomings
• Power Distribution Drawbacks
• Thermally Constrained AC/DC

Because these areas are unique in their own right, the engineers at GE Critical Power established working concepts that successfully solved each specific issue. But at their core, they all have one key component in common: the need for more space without sacrificing power potential and efficiency.

What would you say if we told you that we have found a way to achieve this goal? Our newest product offerings are geared towards solving your distinct challenges and incorporating our latest innovative strategy. We call it, “Designing in the Negative Space.”

Please join us for this GE Critical Power educational series, where we define the principles behind, “Designing in the Negative Space.”